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RG Action Planning

Planning is a complex web requires specialized but detached and objective points of view. We provide research and consultancy supports in all areas of planning and our role is not only to identify the grey areas but to provide strategy in overcoming them. In our word we call it as “Action Planning”. The planning process thus identifies implementation strategies that include identification of potential actors, processes and possible collaborations through which the proposals can be implemented

Rural Planning

Many governments, non-governmental institutions at different level are engaged in various socio – economic and environmental development activities for developing the status of the rural poor. However, these players need to understand the needs of the people and effectiveness of their program while providing solution to such basic needs. Our research and planning services in this sector give us an opportunity to delineate the challenges and provide proper strategy for intervention.  Read more link


Urban Planning

Urban Planning is of extreme importance in these days so that optimum utilization of scares resources can result in providing better quality of life. Moreover, the planned urban development including establishment of industrial parks, infrastructure facilities, conservation of eco-system, etc does help make economic development more systematic and planned. Thus, R.G Foundation is a scientific and research organization, undertakes, promote and coordinate studies on urbanization for improving the living conditions and quality of life of urban residents.  Read more link

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