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Who Are Our Assets

R. C. VIDYARTHI, Executive Director
One of the key founders of RG Foundation
He has almost 35 years experience in the field of Research and consultancy.
He has extensive experience in conducting monitoring and evaluation studies and environmental Impact Assessment studies.
He has prepared many City development and perspective plans for different districts
He has worked in the field of Health, Education, Rural Development, environment, tourism, urban and rural planning for the clients like ONGC, DEPT. OF TOURISM (GOI), Ministry of Environment and Forest, DEPT OF WATER SUPPLY (GOP),MINISTRY OF HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE (GOH) and many More.
SURINDER CHAWLA, Executive Director
Former academician
Has published numerous articles on “Development & Welfare”
Has almost 30 years experience in the government sector.
She has extensive experience in conducting /organizing big events like seminars, conferences, conventions and workshops at all India level.
She also has experience in executing research projects on social and developmental issues
Well versed at the intricacies of project work, she clearly understands the complexities of full service research
As an important member of our research team, she ensures clients receive clear, concise, user friendly and actionable outputs.
Dr. PARTHA SARATHI DAS, Research Director
He has almost 13 years experience in Applied Research
He has extensive experience in Sampling Surveys, Perception & Product Studies, Impact Assessment Studies, Customer satisfaction Studies, Ad tracking, Brand tracking studies, Product development, concept development and many more.
He has worked in the field of Social, market and political research for the clients like WORLD BANK, UNICEF, DFID, UNESCO, KVIC, DEPT. OF TOURISM (GOI), DEPT. OF POST (GOI), DEPT OF WATER SUPPLY (GOP), MINISTRY OF HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE (GOH), HRD MINISTRY, TDD (GOI) and many More.
He enjoys formal Academic Degree
He is the DCO head of RG Foundation
Ensures project runs smoothly and all timings are met.
He has experience in almost all the sectors including health, automobiles, consumer goods, Durable goods, FMCG, Social sector also.
He has served many reputed clients like LG, Bain, and Vodafone etc
SALIL KUMAR DASH, Client Relationship Manager
B.E.(Electronic & Telecommunication),AMIETE,New Delhi.
He works with Dr Das in developing business
He ensures all the proposals and quotes are submitted in time
He also looks after the field work which is being carried out in the eastern part of India.
He has enough experience in the sectors like environment, telecommunication, consumer Durable goods, and Social sector also.
He has served many reputed clients like Ministry of Environment and Forest, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Vodafone, TATA, Reliance etc.
SMITA DAS, Project Manager
Devoted Social worker
Short Story writer and Literary Critic.
Excellent, professional counseling and communication skills;
Ability to plan execute intervention projects in an orderly manner
Upholds the values of women rights, human rights and democracy
Has undertaken many developmental projects for the disadvantaged
Former Member of the Governing Body of”SWAR”(Society for Welfare & Research).
One of the Key founders of R. G. Foundation
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