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RG Development

R.G. Foundation, as a non-profit, non-political and non governmental Organization, performs multifarious jobs for the development of the people and society. It works as a non-profit voluntary group at the local or national level. We campaign or advocate sensitive issues, work on training and capacity building programmes, concentrate on social development, and provide significant networking opportunities. By taking help from the government, from the rich people, from national/international NGO’s and big corporates, we run different developmental programs that include welfare of street children, women and old people, youth, slum dwellers, child labourers, sex workers, landless workers and other disadvantaged/marginalized people and communities. It tries to bring up issues and concerns of the people to the government and policy makers. Since its inception it is striving to provide sincere and dedicated service to the people at the grass root level in meeting their felt needs.


After the first five decades of planning for development by the government, there is a widespread realization that the government systems were too rigid and standardized to evolve plans that would meet the varied requirements of this vast country. Therefore, man non governmental organizations (NGO’S) distinct from government agencies have come on the scene to help in evolving programs and implementing them in a participatory manner to meet the requirements of the local people with more accountability transparency, better quality of development and service delivery. The government as well transparency, better quality of development and service delivery. The government as well as other funding organization has begun to insist on the involvement of NGO’S in planning and implementing the development projects and programs. It is heartening to know that in the recent past, there has been a general recognition of the fact that NGO’s can play an active role in national development. The Prime Minister and the other leaders of our country have proclaimed this recognition through various statements.
With this background, a group of young and energetic youths started a mission of voluntarism by establishing a voluntary organization in the name of ‘R.G. FOUNDATION” in order to serve our society dedicatedly. They joined their hands with each other deliberately and initiated a series of participatory community interaction. programmes for the under privileged sections of our society in various region of India. While developing action programmes, they internalized the matrix of multidimensional facts of the problems of women, the tribal, the rural poor and other vulnerable people. This sensibly brought conceptual clarity among them about the real causes of poverty, polarization and degraded living environment of the poor masses.
In course of activities while going door to door “R.G. FOUNDATION” felt the precarious conditions of the deprived and marginalized millions. They are not only victims of economic problems but also they are suffering a lot from the existing social, environmental, political conditions of the contemporary society. Hence “R.G. FOUNDATION “extended its hands towards these sections and emerged to enlighten its hands towards these section and emerged to enlighten their path of life and to create a more equitable, peaceful, peaceful, sustainable and harmonious living environment for all

Developmental Activities we undertaken

On the basis of our accumulated experience R.G. FOUNDATION has initiated various developmental activities through participatory developmental approach by initiating achievement of the people.

Areas of our on-going and the completed activities are:
Health related programs
AIDS Awareness Programs
Community Health improvement programme and rural sanitation
Watershed management program
Small enterprises and vocational training for unemployed BPL youth
Awareness generation and capacity building among women and youth
Forest and environment protection programmes
Tribal welfare activities
Opening of Computer training centers for the poor and disadvantaged
Mother and child development programmes
Human resources development and training
Gender issues
Anti-dowry campaign
Programme for aged & mentally retired people
Formation of vocational training centers for SC/ST and minorities
Income Generation Activities for women and youth
Special program for the Tribal and Harijans (SC/ST)
Child labour & girl child issues
Utilization of local land, water and natural resources for crop production, tree plantation and animal rearing
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