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R. G. Foundation is a multi-disciplinary Research and Project Management Group. Set up in 2003 by a group of maverick and knowledgeable entrepreneurs with an objective to carry out research and development work for less privileged people and make them heard.
Our basket of services encompasses research, training and developmental work/interventions. Our team uses the knowledge and skills to work with you in developing your projects and policies.
Here, we take into account the existing context, the emerging trends and possible future development which remain viable for longer span of time. We tend to create anti-benchmarks (meaning below) and dare to tread the path where others can’t.
Whatever we offer has….

Relevance to Society

our research and evaluation contributes to an improved society by generating awareness on policy development and measuring its effectiveness

Relevance to Clients

we provide them with actionable outputs that can be implemented with ease and best meet their needs.

Research Director