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How Do We Do

We conduct customized research for different sectors. Our techniques comprise of Secondary as well as primary. As per requirement we use either quantitative or qualitative or both approaches for data collection and analysis purpose. Qualitative research provides the insights of the mental processes of people and focuses on “why and how” whereas the quantitative research focuses on “what and sometimes why”. However we realize the relevance of both the approaches and use them appropriately to elicit the inferences for successful implementation of different plans.

Data collection methods for Qualitative research

Various types of qualitative research techniques which are used by us are as under:
Depth Interviews
A single respondent is interviewed based on various themes and topics
(conducted either face to face or via the phone)
Paired Depths
The same as a depth interview but there are two respondents. Particularly useful when ideas need to be 'bounced off' one another
Depth interviews conducted with three respondents
Focus Groups or Group Discussions
It normally contains 8 respondents. With groups you benefit from the interaction between the different personalities
Focus group discussions with 4-5 respondents.
Ethnographic research or Observational research
Observing a respondent in their 'natural' environment
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Client Shopping
To elicit new ideas and to evaluate ideas

Data collection methods for Quantitative research

Various types of quantitative research techniques which are used by us are as under:
Face to Face Interviews
Telephonic Interviews
Common Location Tests
Mystery Audits
Traffic Count
As a research organization, we try to understand your need and objectives for conducting research and on the basis of that we determine the best tools to use for your research.
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