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Market Research

Through market research, we provide important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. Our research is helpful in decision making for launching new products in market, in improving the product quality and services, in increasing the customer satisfaction level and in pushing your company towards achieving long term success.

Core Objective

Today, everything means business, and an insight into business is a factor essential to many businessmen, business executives and managers, who require it for boosting their business acumen and decision-making.  Read more link


Core Specialisation

We offer a comprehensive range of services beginning with understanding market and consumer opportunities through to assessing market potential and optimizing the launch for new products and services.  Read more link

Core Sectors

We have detailed understanding of different sectors, their policy challenges and research needs. Irrespective of the sector and target group, we are committed to high response rate. We operate as sector specialists in the Indian market covering FMCG, Automotive, Technology, Finance, B to B as well as B to C.  Read more link


Core target Group

We have the capability to reach even the hard-to-reach audiences/respondents like High net worth individuals, CEO’s MD’s of big corporate, Industry experts, consultants and many more. Our field work spans whole of India. The interviewers are bilingual/multilingual (knowledge of regional and national languages) and conduct face to face interviews or through telephone.  Read more link

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