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Political Research

At R.G Foundation, we conduct studies on different contemporary political issues challenging Indian democracy. We undertook various research and study on the contemporary issues ranging from political parties, coalition politics and elections to diplomacy.

Our political Research concentrates on issues whose trajectories are set to raise significant challenges for the Indian polity, society and economy in coming years. Prominent among these are issues of India’s democracy, the nature and impact of social and economic development, and questions pertaining to the relationship between the state and citizens in the context of India’s evolving democracy

Core Objective

Before any election, a few questions come to our mind. Who will be our next Prime Minister/Chief Minister? Which party is going to be the ruling party? Who will be your next MP/MLA? Who will win? Who will loose at what margin? These are interesting topics for people in general and for politicians and journalists in particular. Each and every party and politician do try to forecast their future in their own way. But... Read more link


Core Specialisation

RGF conducts survey research on political issues for a variety of agencies and corporations. Besides that it undertakes different kinds of surveys related to elections such as Image Building Surveys, Pre-Poll, Exit poll and Post poll surveys for different reputed media groups and Political groups. It not only forecast the future result but also gives detail information about the elections including;  Read more link

Core Sectors

RGF’s political research produces actionable information that organizations need to guide policy and make informed decisions. Through this they are becoming more informed about the political climate. This is also helping them to measure local, state, national and global opinions, understand the most effective strategy to combat their opponents, sharpen the way their communicate their political vision and to identify their political constituents.  Read more link


Core target Group

We have the capability to conduct interviews with the hard-to-reach respondents like Minister, Politicians, Policy makers/bureaucrats and journalists. Our field work spans whole of India. The interviewers are bilingual/multilingual (knowledge of regional and national languages) and conduct face to face interviews or through telephone  Read more link

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