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Quality Standard

In order to achieve a uniform level of high quality results for our demanding clients we have a quality management system (QM-System). This assures each and every client of getting good output.

RG constantly follows a system of ethics. RG people maintain and value these business ethics in all the circumstances.

We follow proper Quality control practices at each phase of the survey as it is the most crucial part of each and every survey. This process does not begin and end at any particular phase but is a continuous process. The quality of translated questionnaire, training imparted to the investigators and supervisors, quality of briefing note and field methodology instructions, quality of data collected, quality of data entered, all determine quality of the data. However, there will be certain measures taken to control quality during the fieldwork.

Quality Measures During the Data Collection:-
Fieldwork Manual:It sets the benchmark standard for different field activities. This document is the reference document for quality control of fieldwork that includes behavioral conduct for investigators and supervisors, respondent selection criteria, fieldwork protocol during actual survey, instructions for recording responses and coding etc.
Accompaniments and Back checking:In case of Face to Face Interviews, each supervisor accompanies investigators for 30 % of calls. 40% of the total interviews also get back checked by the supervisors/Field Executives during the survey.
Regular scrutiny of questionnaires:All schedules completed during a day are being scrutinized by the team on the same day. The supervisor remains responsible for the scrutiny with logical checks.
Regular Monitoring:The field executive monitors the performance of the supervisors on day to day basis. The Field Manager also visits the survey sites to observe quality of data being gathered. He organizes debriefing and feed back sessions with the field executive and field supervisors, whenever required.
Involvement of researcher:The researchers also get involved during the fieldwork phase and interact constantly with the Field Manager to monitor the quality assurance process and to give his/her feedback at the earliest.
Inter Rater Reliability Test:Reliability refers to the consistency of a measure. A test is considered reliable if we get the same result repeatedly. Through this inter rater reliability test the type of reliability is assessed by taking the data collected by two or more independent investigators. The data are then compared to determine the consistency of the rater’s estimates.
Quality Measures During the Data Processing (Data Coding, Entry & Data Analysis):-
We ensure quality through the following procedures:
Sample checking of entered data
Double data entry to ensure 99.99% data accuracy
Physical verification of data entry
Constant retaining of the operators
Regular training to the operators on Quality procedures
Completely adhere to our quality systems & procedures
R.G Foundation has capabilities to solve both complex and basic data analysis problems using best of breed human resources and statistical packages. We offer the following services in full or a subset as required helping organizations deliver best quality and yet cost competent research exercises.
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