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RG Research

R. G. Foundation is a non-profit making, multi disciplinary research organization, came into existence with an exemplary mission primarily to cater to the needs of the Government organizations, national and international companies, multi-lateral agencies and NGO’s of National and International standard seeking high quality and actionable research in the areas of business-to-business, industrial research, social research, rural research and political research. It offers an integrated research services on different social political and marketing issues by collecting data from a wide range of sources and by analyzing that through sophisticated analytical systems and methodologies.

Social Research

We conduct research on a wide range of social issues to yield practical results that are immediately applicable to a specific situation or problem. We combine robust quantitative and qualitative methods to generate actionable outputs that have bearing on Governments, Organizations and People  Read more link


Market Research

Through market research, we provide important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. Our research is helpful in decision making for launching new products in market, in improving the product quality and services, in increasing the customer satisfaction level and in pushing your company towards achieving long term success. Read more link

Political Research

At R.G Foundation, we conduct studies on different contemporary political issues challenging Indian democracy. We undertook various research and study on the contemporary issues ranging from political parties, coalition politics and elections to diplomacy.  Read more link


Data Collection & Processing

We have 4 branch offices and a nation wide network for data collection. We have the capability to reach even the hard-to-reach audiences/respondents like uneducated women and youths in deprived areas, political leaders, doctors, experts/consultants, High Net worth Individuals, CEO’s/ MD’s/Directors of and many more. R.G. Foundation covers entire spectrum of data processing services ranging from data entry, data validation, data conversion, data translations, to data analysis.  Read more link

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