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Social Research

We conduct research on a wide range of social issues to yield practical results that are immediately applicable to a specific situation or problem. We combine robust quantitative and qualitative methods to generate actionable outputs that have bearing on Governments,Organizations and People.

Core Objective

For more than the last decade, the Government as well as the International agencies has been concerned with development in all the areas of social sector. They have initiated many developmental programs for achieving the social developmental goals. But how much those goals have been achieved? Without monitoring mechanisms and appropriate benchmarking of social development based on good quality and comparable statistics, the commitment to social development by governments and international organizations cannot be credible.  Read more link


Core Specialisation

We conduct research that is action oriented. We are clear in the way we speak and act, meaning we are able to communicate fluently with participants and clients alike - wherever they are based. We try to understand the need of our clients and deliver them accordingly. We are providing robust research and analysis to help you in formulating policies and measuring its effect. We provide robust evidence to help our clients understand what works in terms of service delivery, strategies and initiatives, stakeholder management and communications.  Read more link

Core Sectors

We cover broad issues and sectors that shape the delivery of public services in modern society, and the underlying relationship between government and the governed, and how to engage the public in the policy-making process. Our work has a direct bearing on the decisions made by government, organizations and citizens. We take that responsibility seriously and, because of this, do work of the highest quality that stands up to close scrutiny.  Read more link


Core target Group

We have the capability to reach even the hard-to-reach audiences/respondents like uneducated women and youths in deprived areas, political leaders, doctors, experts/consultants, NGOs and many more. Our field work spans whole of India. The interviewers are bilingual/multilingual (knowledge of regional and national languages) and conduct face to face interviews or through telephone.  Read more link

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