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Urban Planning

Urban Planning is of extreme importance in these days so that optimum utilization of scares resources can result in providing better quality of life. Moreover, the planned urban development including establishment of industrial parks, infrastructure facilities, conservation of eco-system, etc does help make economic development more systematic and planned. Thus, R.G Foundation is a scientific and research organization, undertakes, promote and coordinate studies on urbanization for improving the living conditions and quality of life of urban residents.
It conducts studies on urban problems and to provide and promote the necessary training and research services
It evaluates the social, administrative, financial and other aspects of the implementation of urban development plans and programmes
It mobilizes available expertise in the field of urban affairs and to offer and coordinate technical and consulting services
Our Urban Planning services include
Preparation of City Development Plans
Preparation of plans for Development of Tourist sites/Tourism
Preparation of Environmental Assessment Studies
Preparation of Slum Development Plans
Undertake Traffic Studies
Studies on waste management
Research Director